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26 September 2015

[Guest post] Report on "Morton the Magician and his Magnificent Magic Show"

I was generously provided a copy of "Morton the Magician and his Magnificent Magic Show." This book, which was shortlisted for an Alberta Children’s Literature Award, is intended for young readers. With that in mind, I found a youthful reader who agreed to read and give me their feedback on the book.  

(For more on 
"Morton the Magician and his Magnificent Magic Show" skip to the bottom of the post.)

The following is a guest post from an author who wishes to be known as Kidlet.


My thoughts on Sheldon Casavant's book "Morton the Magician and his Magnificent Magic Show."
  • This is a good picture book for parents to read to their kids.
  • I really like the drawings, they're very nice.
  • Morton is someone that children can relate to.
  • I like that there are two tricks in the book that you can do by yourself. 
  • It's funny that the rabbit is the announcer.
  • If I were younger, it would make me want to try doing magic tricks.
  • Parents, if your child under 6 years old likes magic or wants to be a magician, this is the perfect book for them!

Favourite things:
  • I like the words in the air before Morton's show, letting us know what's going on inside his head.
  • The story tells us we can be anything we want to be if we just put our minds to it.

In conclusion:
  • It's a fun story!

Thank you Kidlet for guest posting at Canada's Magic!

Watch Behind the Scenes of "Morton the Magician" on Sheldon's YouTube channel:

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