16 November 2015

Winners of tickets to see Scott Hammell in "The Trick with the Gun"

The contest to win a pair of tickets to see Scott Hammell in "The Trick with the Gun" closed last night at midnight.  Thank you to everyone who played!

If you didn't win, you can still purchases tickets at the cinema box office,

There were some fabulous books mentioned that I'll have to add to my reading list.

Here's the list of eligible entries:

James A Chatting with him at a black & white party that no one told me was a black and white party.
James A https://twitter.com/james_alan/status/663566744917815297
Derek D Scott Hammel based contests
Sammy J Well, there was this one time when I got a personal message from Canada's Magic to enter a contest...
Sammy J https://twitter.com/Doc_Sammy/status/665332672206647296

Congratulations to James, Derek and Sammy!

Thank you again to to Alex from the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema for generously making these tickets available to you!

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