01 November 2015

Montreal: Twice-As-Nice Tour Featuring Ben Train and Steve Reynolds

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
Tuesday Nov 10 

The 2015 Twice-As-Nice Tour Featuring Ben Train and Steve Reynolds

TWO incredible performers. TWO incredible lectures. ONE incredible night! 

Ben Train and Steve Reynolds love card tricks. But not just any card tricks. Steve and Ben love GREAT card tricks. The kind that create lasting memories and leave audiences speechless. The kind that looks like REAL MAGIC. The kind you’ll learn at this double-lecture event!

Without having to palm or do any difficult moves you’ll learn to make cards vanish and reappear in the box, in different pockets, and even in a SPECTATOR’S hand. You’ll learn to predict the future, read minds over the phone, and a delicious trick you can eat when you finish. And on top of the tricks, you’ll also learn new techniques for creating your own magic and subtleties that will make the magic you’re already doing stronger. It’s one night, two lectures, and all kinds of fun.

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