25 May 2017

Mike Fisher in the St. Thomas Times-Journal

From the St. Thomas Times-Journal:
Making his Fringe debut, St. Thomas-raised and resident Mike Fisher is a fulltime magician who travels North America with his sleight-of-hand.

Local audiences know him best as Corbin the Pirate Magician. He’ll be on stage 5 p.m. on Canada Day at Pinafore Park. And for the kiddies, 2 p.m. July 28 at St. Thomas Public Library. His calendar is full. (Google him for proof.)

But for the Fringe, Corbin offers a rogue of a different colour, The Charming Cheat, a gentleman con artist who may or may not be peeking as he wins hand after hand playing a new effect, as they are called, he developed based on Texas Hold ‘Em.

Why do we like magic?

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