18 December 2017

Jeff Hobson steals from Toronto police

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From the December 15th article, "Performer ‘robs’ police chief Saunders of watch" by Alina Bykova  in the Toronto Star:
Saunders, who was in the audience with his wife and son, was picked as Hobson’s “first victim” for a trick that involved a set of cards and ended with him removing a chewed card from Hobson’s mouth.

At the same time, Hobson skilfully removed the chief’s Apple watch from his wrist without him noticing.

“Of course, not being from Toronto, Jeff had no idea who this gentleman in a suit was — and the chief never revealed his identity,” wrote John Karastamatis of Mirvish Entertainment in an email to the Star.

Saunders said he was shocked and amused by the trick.

“What happened is I got duped; buddy removed my watch, but he was kind enough to return it,” Saunders said in a phone interview. “It’s shocking how good he is, he did it without anyone knowing. It was very funny.”

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