08 December 2017

Outerbridge Clockwork Mysteries in The Medicine Hat News

In the article "Time after time: Outerbridge Clockwork Mysteries at the Esplanade Friday" by Chris Brown in The Medicine Hat News:
He [Ted Outerbridge] and his partner on and off stage, Marion, will perform Clockwork Mysteries show at the Esplanade on Friday at 8 p.m. The performance will take place in 2017 but will harken back through the years — a lot of years.

“The time machine is about everyone’s desire to travel back in time and change to past. Mariondoesn’t just get into a box and vanish, she’s travelling back in time,” Outerbridge said. “I wish I could travel back and change my hairstyle from high school. We all have that desire so we recognize that and celebrate it.”

Among the time periods visited in Clockwork Mysteries are the 1960s, the 1600s and 1918 to celebrate one of the most famous illusions of all time — sawing a woman in half.

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