30 April 2018

Publication round up - April 2018

Michael Close's April newsletter:
  • Interesting insights into all the behind the scenes work that goes into Penn and Teller's Fool Us, among other interesting articles and interviews.
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Northern Peeks:
  • Articles both by and about Ryan Joyce 
  • CAMaraderie reminder
  • Feature on Jean-Eugene Robert-Houdin as well as Houdini's Water Torture Cell
  • Articles by Murray Hatfield, Bill Abbott, Phil Matlin, Gerry Frenette, Jason Verners, and Ryan Pilling.
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Vanish magazine:
  • Articles by Jeff Christensen, Paul Romhany, Hal Meyers (Anthony Street feature), Jeff Hobson (interviews Jonhathan Goodwin), Joshua Endress, Jim Sisti, Tim Ellis, Alex Zander, and Louie Foxx!
  • Product highlights: Bill Abbot's 5 card box, Victor Voitko's Snowstorming Fan
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