30 April 2018

Toronto: The Newest Trick In The Book - May 1

From James Alan's newslettter:
Tuesday night (May 1st) I'll be appearing on a special free show in downtown Toronto. The Newest Trick In The Book is put on by The Toronto Magic Company and hosted by the adorably charming Jonah Babins.

This is a magic show not quite like any other. The rule is that performers have to showcase brand new material. Which means either the opportunity to see something special for the first time ever... or the opportunity to see something crash and burn horrendously. Either way, special! I'm actually cheating. I'll be presenting very old magic which hasn't been seen in nearly 100 years.

See Scape
2840 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I'll be appearing alongside Chris Mayhew, Sawyer Bullock and Daniel Lawson. This is an absolutely free event to attend. Although it can get quite full and you can reserve a free ticket by going to the Toronto Magic Company website.

Plus... See Scape is a board game and video game bar, so once the show is over, you can stick around to play.
Reserve your tickets at Eventbrite.

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