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20 November 2018

Brian Glow in the CBC News

From the November 17th article "For this Manitoba anti-bullying magician, the real trick is helping kids connect" by CBC News (with files from Nadia Kidwai):
A Manitoba magician who found solace in sleight of hand when he was bullied as a kid is using the same tools to help fight bullying in northern communities.

Brian Glow, a corporate magician and illusionist, has performed for audiences in 44 countries over the past 40 years. These days, he spends as much as four months a year in remote communities in the Northwest Territories, enthralling students with magic tricks he hopes help them deal with bullying.

His work with them ranges from performances to workshops on how to do the tricks and motivational speaking.

"Each trick actually has messaging in it, whether it's motivational, whether it's anti-bullying, whether it's what to look out for when someone's talking a certain way," Glow said.

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