09 December 2018

Vote now for the 2018 Readers' Choice award

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The nominations are closed and voting is now open for the 2018 "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award!  Voting will close on Sunday, December the 23rd at 11:59pm EST.

To vote, scroll down to the bottom of this post and participate in the poll.  (Unfortunately, the poll does not appear in the mobile version of the site.)

Let's have a look at the nominees (in no particular order):

2018 Nominee: James Alan

James Alan
Nominated by Ben Train.
"In the past year he's helped numerous performers make their acts better, has participated in leadership roles on several major magic projects (including Toronto Magic Company, Ring 17 Hat and Rabbit, Magicana, etc). He's lectured on his original magic, he's supported the community..."

"I could keep going on."

Website: JamesAlan.ca

2018 Nominee: Jonah Babins

Jonah Babins 
Nominated by James Alan.
"Magician, podcast host, and neologist. Cofounded the Discourse In Magic Podcast, now with over 130 episodes. Host of The Newest Trick in the Book, Canada’s only open mic magic show."

Website: JonahBabins.com

2018 Nominee: Ryan Brown

Ryan Brown
Nominated by Taylor Martin.
"Ryan Wonder Brown is a rising star of magic from the Toronto area. He should be considered for these bragging rites."

Website: RyanBrownMagic.com

2018 Nominee: Jeff Christensen

Jeff Christensen
Nominated by Cyril May.
"I would like to nominate Vancouver magician Jeff Christensen for using his magic to conjure up a better world.  Jeff has faced loss in his life* but has turned the darkness into light for so many others through his magic and fundraising.  He has raised more than $100,000 for a variety of local and international causes.  He has done this in a variety of ways such as through the sold out charity show “”A Magical Evening” and his foundation, Celebrate the Child (CtC).  CtC has built a school in Kenya, and worked on freshwater in Ecuador. Jeff has gone further to raise money through performances for a health centre in India.  His heart is good and so is his magic.  He received an invitation to attend the very exclusive 4F Close-up Convention….a sort of “Willy Wonka” ticket that every magician would love to get.  Invitation is not random, however, and is generally given in recognition of expert magical skill.  I know Jeff from our learning and work at the McBride Magic & Mystery School.  Jeff received the title of Ambassador from the School this fall at our annual gathering in recognition of his work to further meaningful magic.  Please give him your fullest consideration!"

* Jeff lost his six-year old sun, Jonah suddenly and unexpectedly.   In response to this tragedy he created the charity foundation Celebrate the Child and produces/performs an annual show A Magical Evening which has sold out for the past 10 years!  Through these charity shows he has raised more than $100,000 for a variety of local and international causes.

Jeff also also gives back to the magic community through his monthly column Magic is Education which can be found in Vanish Magazine.

In November Jeff was honoured by being invited to share his magical story for 20,000 people at Rogers Arena for WE Day Vancouver!

Website: MagicalEducator.com

2018 Nominee: Greg Frewin

Greg Frewin
Nominated by Ryan Pilling.
"In 2018 I was inspired when I saw Greg Frewin at his theatre in Niagara Falls. I was there on a cold day in the off-season. My first visit to Niagara and all I saw was empty streets and mostly closed attractions. On top of it all it was a Wednesday night. I had tickets to the show that night and was expecting the worst... an awkwardly empty house, and a lackluster performance."

"Instead, what I got was a wonderful show with a performer who shared his passion for magic, and playing to a very full house! It was an inspiration to see one of Canada's best magicians still being amazing two decades after I first saw him, and a testament to the hard work and dedication of Greg and his team to have such a well running theatre."

Greg also provides support for his local community.  For example, last week he hosted the Good News Breakfast in his theatre.  From Facebook:
"Don't forget that this Friday is the Good News Breakfast. Join us at Greg Frewin Theatre from 7-10am. Come enjoy a free breakfast, world-class entertainment and good news from the community. Donations will be accepted. YourTV will be broadcasting live and streaming it online. Don't miss out on the fun!"

Website: GregFrewinTheatre.com

2018 Nominee: Carisa Hendrix

Carisa Hendrix  (aka Lucy Darling)
Nominated by James Alan.
"Multifaceted magic, bubble and sideshow performer. Co-founder in 2018 of Shezam, the feminist magic podcast* that hopes to make itself obsolete."

* Announced on Facebook on November 26th, "This podcast is now funded, in part, through support from the Endowment and Development Fund of the International Brotherhood of Magicians."

Website: CarisaHendrix.com

2018 Nominee: Mike Segal

Mike Segal 
Nominated by Sam.
"He inspired a generation of young magicians to turn their hobbies into careers. Magic Mike gave us a space, a special club and to some, a family where we could explore our creativity and expand our knowledge with like-minded people. Magic Mike is not only an amazing mentor but he is also a fantastic performer. Whether he’s teaching a class or performing in front of a huge crowd, he’s always giving 100%. He is known in the magic community for his positive attitude and he will stop at nothing to lend a helping hand. If that doesn’t deserve recognition, I don’t know what does!"

Did you know that now in his post-magic camp days Mike runs the ONLY magical instructional program certified by the Toronto District School Board and the Toronto Public Library?  From Facebook:
"Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp is NOW offering The ART of MAGIC in all school programs (After 4, Artist in Residence, Lunch and Team Building). Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp is THE ONLY magic instructional program certified by the TDSB and TPL. Bring a little MAGIC to your school."

Website: Magic-Mike.com

2018 Nominee: Kent Wong

Kent Wong
Nominated by Unknown.
"I nominate KENT WONG from Edmonton. He is one of the most giving an talented magicians in Canada and his shows are extremely well written, rehearsed and thought out. His unbelievable attitude to help magicians and people in general is un heard of and he never asks for anything in return. His door is always open for anyone to use. He uses his magic to raise money for charities, feed the homeless, gloves and coffee for the homeless all through magic shows and when he is not doing that he is performing for children at the hospitals. Kent does this while having a family, and a very busy full time job. He knows all aspects of magic, psychology, timing, misdirection and history. Im glad he is my friend in magic."

and from another Unknown:
"I too nominate KENT WONG from Edmonton. Kent had a fundraiser for the non profit organization Adarius 4 Autism. He took the time to set it up, and spent the whole day doing shows and donated all the profits. The event raised $1300. All the attendees were very entertained."

Website: KentWongMagic.com

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