27 March 2019

Edmonton: Building Skills as Professional Artists - A Public Seminar

Sheldon Casavant will be speaking at "Building Skills as Professional Artists - A Public Seminar."

From Evenbrite:

As an artist, you are a person driven by passion. Whether you came across your art form by happenstance or by choice, you have given it careful thought and finally decided to go the distance! You have spent countless hours developing your craft, honing your skills and technique. Now that you feel ready, how do you bring your art into the world? Who needs the art, and how will they support me to make it? How do I get the most out of my craft, and how can I create for the rest of my life?

In other words, how does one start the path pursuing a career in the arts? At the surface these questions may seem straightforward, but the answers are a new way of thinking entirely. In the real world, we must put the same care and attention towards our professionalism just as much as our art.

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