18 March 2019

Festival de magie de Québec 2019

From Festival de magie de Québec:
The 9th edition of the Festival de magie de Québec will take place from May 2nd to 5th, 2019. You will once again be amazed and surprised by all the artists and magic activities. Le Festival de magie de Québec is : 4 days of magic, 40 professional magicians, more than 70 free activities in the streets of the Quartier Petit Champlain, at the Parc Félix-Leclerc, at Place Royale, at the Parc de la Batterie Royale and at the Théâtre Petit Champlain. It is also, at the Capitole de Québec, the 7th édition of the Concours International de magie "Michel Cailloux", one amazing show including  magic, light and soap bubbles, one international level magic Gala with artists from 8 different countries, one kids magic gala, a magic school and a special happening for primary schools from Québec.
The magican's package includes:

  • The show "Bubbles" with Marco Zoppi and Rolanda from Italy
  • The international magic Gala, with Daniel Coutu as MC and featuring :
  • Bill Cheung ​from China
  • Norbert Ferré from France
  • Rafael from Belgium
  • Nikolai Striebel from Germany
  • Timothy Trust and Diamond from Germany
  • Voronin and his son Max from Ukraine and USA
  • Marco Zoppi et Rolanda from Italy
  • ​The kids magic gala, with Daniel Coutu as MC, featuring :​
  • Danys Hamel
  • Magislain
  • Fredo
  • A close-up show with Bill Cheung (China)
  • A lecture from Bill Cheung (China)
  • A lecture from Daniel Coutu (Canada)
  • A lecture from Stéphane Lacasse (Canada)
  • A lecture from Rafael (Belgium)
  • A lecture from Bernardo Sedlacek (Brazil)
  • A lecture from Nikolai Streibel and Eberhard Riese (Germany)
  • A lecture from Timothy Trust and Diamond (Germany)
  • An interview with Voronin and his son Max (USA)
  • A lecture from Marco Zoppi (Italy)

  • A welcoming cocktail on May 3rd, 2019 at 7 pm
  • A magic clinic
  • Magic jams at night
  • Access to the dealer room
  • Access to the 7th Concours international de magie "Michel Cailloux"

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