30 October 2020

Halloween Houdini Escape Attempt by Dean Gunnarson

From the October 29th Facebook post by Dean Gunnarson:

This Halloween I will get locked up in 8 sets of police handcuffs from different countries. The handcuffs will represent that Parent Alienation affects millions of children and parents around the world. I will then be locked inside a metal coffin that will be bound and locked with heavy chains and maximum-security locks. The coffin is symbolic because the effects of Parent Alienation slowly kills a loving and caring parent and keeps a child away from half a loving and caring family. This escape from the handcuffs and metal coffin is not life threatening but extremely challenging, painful, and enduring. Imagine your self locked and chained inside a metal coffin and what would you do ???

This escape has never been attempted before by anyone! 

The escape event will start at 1 pm and the escape will happen about 1:26 pm October 31, the same time Houdini died in 1926.  Because of Covid my location is Not being released to the general public as a public event. It will be for media only. Safe distancing and Covid rules will be asked to be upheld. The location is near downtown Winnipeg in a safe open historic area with free parking. Media can even record the event from their own vehicles. 

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