21 October 2020

Vancouver Magic Circle presents "Treat to be Tricked"

From the "Treat to be Tricked Magic Show" on Eventbrite:

October 24

Join the 2018 Children's Magician of the Year, Graham Kita, and five amazing magic competitors as they perform to win your vote for the 2020 title of Children’s Magician of the Year!

Since 1960, the Vancouver Magic Circle, now Canada's largest magic club, has held an annual show featuring some of the finest children's entertainers in western Canada. These magicians are vying for the honour of being titled Children's Magician of the Year, the winner being selected by popular vote of the audience. Due to the pandemic and our desire to keep everyone safe we're going virtual. That doesn't mean you won't be a part of the fun though. This show is all about entertaining families while we stay safe at home! What better day to do it than on election day in BC!

Past winners have included Shawn Farquhar (5 times), Mike Norden (3 times), and Graham Kita (3 times) who will be hosting this year's awesome show.

For the first time ever the show will be presented virtually so the magic will happen right in your own home!

Limited tickets are available now.

Read more and buy tickets.


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