15 November 2020

Broken wand: Isreal Manchild

Our sincere condolences to Isreal's family and friends.


From the November 13th Facebook post by John Kaplan:

It is with deep shock and sadness that I report the sudden, unexpected passing of one of my dearest friends.  A week ago, on Friday Nov 6th, Isreal Manchild slipped on his basement steps. The resulting fall caused a severe head injury, bleeding of the brain, and he spent much of the past week in hospital in a coma.  A four-hour operation to reduce the swelling yesterday was, unfortunately, not enough for him to survive and he passed away at around 3:00 this morning.












  1. Hello magical folks,

    The world is a poorer place without IsReal in it and I am sorry for your loss.

    I was a decade-lo colleague of “Izzy” (I’m not sure if anyone else ever dared call him that ... certainly not @ our office) at his day job and I had saved a link to the Facebook post by John Kaplan memorializing him - which has since been secured/deleted. Is anyone able to contact the original poster to request a copy of it? He was very dear to me and I would like to place a copy in my memory box with the MagnaDoodle and whirligig he gifted me over the years.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Patti. Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry for your loss.

      There's an email address for John Kaplan at the bottom of his website:

      Hope this helps!