08 November 2020

The Canadian Association of Magicians 2020 launch

On October 22nd, the new CAM President, Renée-Claude Auclair, and the new board of the Canadian Association of Magicians had their first official public meeting!



The board members were energetic and passionate about their goal to make "CAM 2.0" an engaging organization for magicians nationally and internationally.  The board consists of:

  • Renée-Claude Auclair (President)
  • Greg Frewin
  • Ryan Joyce
  • Luc Langevin
  • Mark Pallin (Treasurer)
  • Paul Romhany (Editor of Northern Peeks)
  • Mike Segal
  • Jason Verners
  • Kent Wong (Secretary)


They've completely redone their website (and created a spiffy new logo) over at CAMmagic.org


Also announced is a contest where CAM members as of November 30th, will be entered in a draw for a chance to win a registration for Quebec FISM 2022, spending money, and tickets to the Greg Frewin Theatre!


Register at CAMmagic.org today!  

(Existing members start the process here:  https://www.cammagic.org/welcome-back)

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