05 October 2021

Congratulations to the North American FISM team!

Congratulations to all!

Representing North America in Stage:

  • Stuart MacDonald (2021 Champion)
  • Nicolas Dutel
  • Elliott Hunter


Representing North America in Close-Up:

  • Simon Coronel (2021 Champion)
  • Shane Cobalt
  • Yannick Lacroix
  • Shoot Ogawa
  • Ed Ripley
  • Erik Tait


From the October 3rd Facebook post by FISM NACM 2021:

Congratulations to our FISM North American team! They will represent us at FISM WCM in July 2022, in Québec City! Félicitations à notre équipe nord-américaine FISM! Ils vont nous représenter au Championnat du monde FISM, à Québec, en juillet 2022!


From the October 3rd Facebook post by Renee-Claude Auclair:




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