21 October 2021

Burlington: Lucy Darling - A Delightfully Charming Magic Show

It appears that tickets are available for both in-person and live stream attendance!


From the Burlington Performing Arts Centre:

Fri Oct 29, 2021

Lucy Darling is a lady magician who brings together a potent mix of playful improvisational comedy, witty writing, and impossible magical feats. Evoking comparisons to everyone from Dame Edna to Pee Wee Herman, this edgy, postmodern character is a double shot of magical mischief, with a splash of old Hollywood and a dash of Dorothy Parker.

Her history is shrouded in mystery, several ex-husbands and wives. International traveler, major style and culture icon with desire to share her magical life and gifts with select audiences in high and low places. She loves you all but her disarming wit reveals truthful and delightful insights. A one-of-a-kind entertainer, a throwback who is on the cutting edge. You are about to fall in love with Lucy Darling.

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From the October 5th Facebook post by the Burlington Arts Centre:




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