04 December 2014

Boomer beats cancer

Niagara’s newest cancer survivor is hoping to get back to his regular weight soon. About 500 pounds or so.

Six and a half months ago, Niagara Falls magician Greg Frewin noticed his nine-year-old Siberian tiger Boomer acting a bit strange. Something on his right side was bugging him.
Closer inspection revealed a lesion which seemed to grow over the next week. Boomer, one of four tigers performing in his nightly magic show, was clearly agitated.

“We could tell he was licking it,” says Frewin. “He was trying to keep it clean. Something was not right.”

After a check with the vet, Boomer was sedated and the lesion cut open, which revealed “signs of a tumour.” A sample was analyzed and the bad news arrived shortly after – Boomer had cancer.

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From CHCH:
We all know that wild tigers face extinction every single day from poaching and habitat loss. But what you may not realize is they can also get cancer. And there’s one cancer-stricken tiger in Niagara Falls that’s living a much healthier life than he would have in the wild thanks to his handlers.

In the wild, tigers live for about fourteen years. That number is doubled in captivity. Despite not being in a zoo, Boomer the tiger is one of those big cats who’s life was preserved thanks to the help of the people around him.

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From 610 CKTB:
A tiger in Niagara Falls has survived cancer, and now we are hearing his story.

A few months ago Greg Frewin's nine year old tiger started acting strange.
The International Grand Champion of Magic, and Niagara Falls Magician took Boomer to the vet.

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From the Greg Frewin Theatre YouTube channel:

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