07 December 2016

Chilliwack: PCAM/CAM convention, April 20-23, 2017

The December 9th early bird draw offer is coming up fast!

From the Facebook page of Norden the Magician:
BIG announcement! If you have not heard the 2017 PCAM will be a joint convention with CAM. It will be held in Chilliwack, BC on April 20-23, 2017. We will be announcing the talent every Friday for the next 4 weeks. To help us get the registration up we are having some 'early bird deadlines' to give you an incentive.

You can register and buy preferred seating, dealer tables, and t-shirts - all which are very limited.

What we are talking about here are HUGE prizes you can win - check it out:

1 - Register by Dec 9th and you are entered to win a FULL 2018 PCAM registration. Yep - you read that correct. Value: $200-$300

2 - Register by Dec 16th and you are entered to win a FREE HOTEL STAY at PCAM 2018. What?! Value: $300-$400

3 - Register by Dec 23rd and you are entered to win a FVMC Annual Lecture pass for 2017. We can't say whose coming yet (pssst...Ted Outerbridge, Jon Allen, SiIly Billy, Jorg Alexander, Ice McDonald and one more..) Value: $180

4 - Register by Dec 30th and you are entered to win one of 10 tickets to Ted Outerbridge's lecture hosted by the FVMC on Feb 20th. Value: $30

5 - Register by Jan 6th and you are entered to win a pass to Jon Allen's lecture hosted by the FVMC in May. Value: $30

6 - Register by Jan 13th and you are entered to win a limited edition PCAM/CAM 2017 t-shirt. Value: $25
Why wait? Register today and you are entered to win ALL of them!

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