04 April 2017

Winners of Browser's Bash Bingo 2017

You'll notice that I didn't mention anything about Magic Convention Bingo in the Browser's Bash recap.  That's because this year, Browser's Bash Bingo was not officially part of The Bash.  It was just a little side entertainment provided by Canada's Magic.

Thank you all for your kind words about the idea.  And for playing along!  And especially for not being rude and shouting "bingo" during a speech, presentation, lecture, or performance!  (I twitched a little when Dick Joiner shouted "bingo" on stage at one point, but it turned out he wasn't playing our little game!)

The eagle-eyed of you may have noticed that I published the winning cards on the evening of The Bash.

Without further ado, the winners of the tickets to the Toronto Magic Company's yet to be announced show are:
  • Jeff Kosciejew,
  • Lee Elliott, and
  • Randy Govang!

I'll be in touch with details about your prize!  Congratulations!

Thanks again to Ben Train for making these prizes possible.   (If you haven't already, go to Toronto Magic Company's website now and sign up for their newsletter!)

If you couldn't find me to drop off your completed card (with a bingo), or you were playing along at home and got a bingo  (5 across, 5 down, 5 diagonally through the centre, or all 4 corners), take a picture of your card and email it to me (canadasmagic at gmail dot com) by Sunday April 9th 2017 for a shout out.  Maybe Ben will have some extra "buy one get one free" coupon codes to share.  You never know!

Did you see the clues I left to help you out?

(Which must have meant he said, "Would you like to change your mind?" just before that.)

(Mother and daughter, anyone?)

Female and male volunteers.

Here are some of the other items the winners have marked off on their cards:
  • False cut
  • Appearing cane
  • Someone mentions "CAM"
  • Someone said "Ordinary deck of playing cards"
  • Used the tag #BrowsersBash2017 on social media (verified to be true!)
  • Jumbo cards
  • Father and daughter
  • Charlier cut
  • Handkerchief
  • False shuffle
  • Visited the USPCC booth
  • Someone said "ordinary piece of rope"
  • Forcing pad
  • Cads from mouth
  • Ambitious card
  • Purchased something
  • Invisible deck
  • Someone wearhing white socks and black pants
  • Said hello to someone from Montreal
  • Top hat
  • Cardistry
  • Visited the Browser's booth
  • Said hello to the Cooper family

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