11 October 2018

Toronto: Al Grose - Off The Table

From the Browser's Den of Magic:
Date: Sunday, October 14, 2018
Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm
Location: Browser's Den of Magic, 3220 Dufferin St. Unit 19 A.
Cost to AttendAny $ Amount Donation for Oscar Munoz's Son Fund
Please read this special Note from Al Grose:
Dear Magical Friends,
For those who don’t know me my name is Al Grose.  I am not famous, nor am I wealthy.  I am a Magician who loves performing, creating, and sharing magic.  Anyone who has ever met me knows all I ever want to do is share magic.  I’m ironic. I’m the magician who wants to share his secrets. 
I have conducted a number of workshops for Browser’s Den. I have never asked for a penny to conduct them. I do them for the love of magic, and the friendships that incur as a result of the time spent with magical friends. 
On October 14th 2018, I am inviting you to come join me for a workshop called “Off the Table.” The reason I call my presentations workshops as opposed to lectures is because not all the material is mine, and as such I will not claim originality to all the effects. The theme in all of them is you will not require a table nor a close up mat for any of the effects.  I don’t sell lecture notes nor DVD’s.  Not because I can’t, but rather because I’m too lazy :) to make them.  That being said, feel free to write, photograph and/or tape any segment you’d like to hopefully use.  I will cover coins, cards, rubber bands and a little mind reading.  I’d also like to share some presentations of items no doubt you already own, but never thought of using in front of an audience.  And if there’s any move or sleight you’ve been wondering about, please yell it out so we can all improve.
This particular workshop is a little different. I will be asking a fee for this one. How much you pay, you decide. You see, I’m not keeping the money.  Not a penny.  I’m asking you to open your hearts to help a friend of mine.  And I’m sure he’s a friend of yours too; the incredible Oscar Munoz. Oscar’s son Benjamin narrowly escaped an Apartment Fire in his hometown of San Marcos Texas. Oscar is trying to raise $50 000.00 to cover surgery costs for Ben. 
I don’t believe I need to say more. If Oscar has ever made you smile, laugh or be amazed return the feeling to him and help in any way you can.

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