05 May 2019

Northern Peeks; v23:1, Spring 2019

Have you read the recent issue of Northern Peeks?

With great content by:
  • Murray Hatfield
  • Joan Caesar (thanks for the nice Canada's Magic shout out Joan!) 
  • Renée-Claude Auclair (have you booked your tickets to FISM yet?)
  • Mike Fisher 
  • Tony Gibbs (reviewing Dueling Magicians)
  • Domenico Dante
  • Phil Matlin
  • Jason Verners
  • Gerry Frenette
  • Roger Boucher
  • Ryan Pilling and
  • Brent Smith with a fabulous idea for a column, visiting Canada's Brick and Mortar magic shops one at a time!  I'm really looking forward to theses features.

and nice tributes to magicians Lorne Overholt and Dicky Dean.

To become a member of the Canadian Association of Magicians, renew your membership, or learn more about CAM, visit their website at cammagic.org

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