12 April 2020

[Guest post] "What can I do?"

The following is a guest post from an author who wishes to be known as The Magic Demon. 

Some great ideas if you're motivated to do something but stuck on what to do to pass the time!


Random suggestions for magic aficionados during current circumstances

by The Magic Demon for Canada's Magic

I can...
  • Dig out all my old magic magazines and reread every single one until I find a trick I love and want to learn;
  • Dig out all my old magic books and find a sleight or routine I always meant to learn but "never had the time to" until now;
  • Ditto with my old DVDs;
  • Dig out all my old magic tricks that I never looked at twice and try to figure out what made me buy them in the first place. (This may take some time!);
  • Sort out and clean up (and repair if necessary) my magic collection and reacquaint myself with all my old favourites;
  • Go online and study every magician I can remember to name and find on You-Tube;
  • Try restringing my broken "Electric Deck". (This will ultimately prove futile but can easily take up a few "stay at home" days before I give up in frustration);
  • Go online and look for websites devoted to history of magic and magicians and learn about them. First stop: Magicana;
  • At long last carefully press or iron flat all my crumpled up (and frequently vanished) silks;
  • Go online and hit the "random" button on Genii's Magicpedia page and keep reading until my eyes cross;
  • Support my favourite brick & mortar magic store by ordering something from them online (and if I don't have one support one of the sponsors of this site);
  • Take an online magic course or lesson;
  • Watch every movie and TV series online I can find about magic or magicians;
  • Participate in a magic forum;
  • Go through all my old beginner tricks, clean them up and snail mail them to my favourite youngster-at-a-distance (niece, nephew, grandchild, etc.) with the explanation that I'll teach them how they work by phone, internet or semaphore. I could also video myself performing them and send that along too (or a link to where I uploaded them);
  • Go through my old pile of business cards and reach out to fellow magic enthusiasts I've met or been in touch with in the past just to see how they are doing;
  • Buy two magic books online I have always wanted but "would never have the time to read" until now. One about tricks, the other a biography or about magic history;
  • Gently wash all my old sponge balls and bunnies. Permanently retire those with an unidentifiable shape or less than one ear;
  • Consider donating to a magic-related charity (such as CauseToWonder.org profiled in the March 2020 issue of Genii) [editor's note: consider donating to the Allan Slaight Relief Fund];
  • Expand this list of suggestions by using the comments feature (below);

    and finally
  • Proceed backwards and read every post on Canada's Magic since it started and enjoy its unique service to our community throughout the years!


Thank you The Magic Demon for guest posting at Canada's Magic!

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