28 January 2022

Mark Clearview in VITA Daily

From the January 24th article "Mark Clearview Makes Magic" in VITA Daily

You are quite the accomplished magician! From Times Square to Michelin restaurants to Penn & Teller, what has been your favourite venue or show to perform?

Some say I’m the MOST accomplished magician. But they’re very incorrect. I’ve been lucky enough to perform in plenty of bucket list venues. My favourite place to perform in terms of audiences and history is the historic Magic Castle in Hollywood. It’s the most magical place on earth, not Disney. My favourite place to perform in terms of trying new material is Caroline’s on Broadway in NYC. Something about a dark comedy club that gets my stomach all a flutter. And I don’t think it’s just the food in Times Square.

Do you have an all-time favourite or signature magic trick?

I was first known as that guy who spent two weeks in a straitjacket (setting a world record for the longest time in a straitjacket), but now I’m known for my stupider effects. Turning an egg into a rotisserie chicken or teleporting a signed business card into an urn of my grandfather’s ashes.

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