04 June 2022

Hugues Sarra-Bournet at the Montreal Fringe [June 11 - 19]

From the may 30th article "Brownstein: Montreal Fringe Festival all grown up, but still out there" by Bill Brownstein in the Montreal Gazette:

Sarra-Bournet, a former Cirque du Soleil acrobat, is in rehearsal mode at Fringe headquarters at the Mainline Theatre. Following a clowning/dancing/juggling routine, Sarra-Bournet dons his magic chapeau and a cape — actually a giant eco-friendly garbage bag — and bedazzles those of us in attendance with a mind-blowing, sleight of hand card trick that would also suggest he has X-ray vision.

“Some people say clowns have no business doing magic, but I like to break the rules, trying to do everything I can,” says the Montrealer performing in his second Fringe. “I like to think of myself as a generalist. My character Mario goes to a talent contest every year, but never succeeds at any particular talent. So he’s always preparing something else. Sadly, he’s really not so good at anything.”

Disagree. From what we can see, this clown is a master of many métiers.

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