17 July 2022

The Evasons' $100,000 pledge

From the June 27th Instagram post by The Evasons:

Our $100,000 Pledge started out as $10,000, then became $25,000, and later $50,000. Who knows how much it might be in the future!

The idea for a pledge came about because some people in our audience would naturally assume that we must be using hidden cameras or secret specialized micro electronic tools. We don’t use any of those gimmicks, and the only way to convince anyone otherwise was to put our money on the line!

Maybe it would be easier to just refer to what Penn & Teller said about us on Fool Us:
“You know in this day and age of electronic communication, of ear pieces and iPads and iPhones, seeing someone that does it in the old style, and seeing how much better that is than the new style, is just breathtaking."





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