25 November 2012

Toronto: The Mark Lewis Magic Show

Updated December 18th to extend the run to the end of January.

From Toronto.ca:
Starts: December 2, 2012
Ends: December 30, 2012  January 27, 2013
From the second the show starts, right through to the very end, the children will be laughing with delight! The show is sheer mayhem, madness, and magic! Through his decades of experience, Mark Lewis has achieved a rapport with his young audiences that is unequalled in this area of entertainment!
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For more information, visit the Lower Ossington Theatre website or visit Ticketwise to purchase your tickets.


  1. The run has been extended by popular demand to the end of January. Ever Sunday in January at noon. Bring the kids!

    1. Congratulations and thanks for the update Mark!

      I've revised the text of this post to reflect the extension and will post specifically about the added dates later in the week.