22 November 2012

Recently asked question

A reader of this blog recently asked:
As I sponsor, may I submit more than one ad image for display?

Short answer: yes.

I can set your sponsorship up, at no extra charge, to randomly display one of a maximum of 4 images, when a reader comes to this website.  I cannot guarantee that all images will receive an exactly equal number of views.
If two or more of you out there would like to split a sponsorship, you may do so.  One of you would need to be the "point person" and coordinate the provision of all of the images, details and communications for the group.

If, however, if you'd like more than one image on display at the same time, you'd be required to pay a sponsorship rate for each of the images.

Publication ready art / graphics are to be supplied by the sponsor.  Graphic design services are available at an additional charge.

Now is the perfect time to become a sponsor of this website, while our 50% off annual sponsorship rates deal is still in effect!


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