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17 September 2014

Toronto: Browser's Den anniversary party

Sunday, November 16, 2014 
Dear Magic Friends,

All of us here at Browser's Den would like to personally invite you to attend the beginning of our 40th year in business. Many of you have been customers of ours since the beginning back in 1975. We could not have done it without all of our dedicated customers both old and new. And in appreciation of this special relationship we have a full day of fun events planned for you.

This is also the day that we remember our founders Len and Bernice Cooper. Jeff Pinsky purchased Browser's Den from Len and Bernice in 1995. Len passed away in 2003. And since then each Anniversary Party we hand out in Len's memory a full set of eight Tarbell Course in Magic books to someone under 26 years of age who has shown a dedication to the art of magic.

We are so pleased that Bernice Cooper will be at the party to witness this year's worthy recipient. 
PLUS - In appreciation of your devotion to our shop this is the only day of the year where EVERYTHING in the shop is on sale all day long! Everyone who comes to the shop gets to choose a playing card from a deck. On that card will be a number that represents the percentage discount on any non-auction items you buy during the day. You may use the card as many times as you wish. Discount cards range from 10% to 20% off. 
Read about the auction, trivia quiz and more!

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