18 April 2016

Evelyn Matlin on "The Magic of Magic Conventions"

She's posted a fabulous photo of David Williamson, Mac King. Jean Boucher, and Carl Cloutier.

See what Evelyn Matlin has to say about the 2016 Browser's Bash over at Perfect Magic:
For Phil and me, the magic of Magic Conventions is not the magic. Its a place and time where people with a common interest, from all over gather. We get a chance to meet people we know and haven’t seen in years and we also get the chance to meet people who have been ordering on line who we never met personally.

The Browser’s Den Magic Bash was such a place. We spent time with Bernice Cooper, the late Len Cooper’s wife. Len was the original owner of The Browser’s Den. We used to visit them in Toronto and Bernice would be there behind the counter helping out as magic shop owner’s wives do. It was nice for her too, to see and speak to many people that used to come into their shop.

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