16 April 2016

David Ben in the National Post

From the National Post:
DAVID BEN: Canadian magician. Recognized as one of the world’s greatest sleight of hand artists.

There’s something I’ve worked on (the Dad Stevens Riffle Cull); it’s probably the most difficult sleight of hand technique in the world. The famed magician Dai Vernon discovered it from a gambler, who told him it took 18 years of practice. I thought that was crazy, but I also thought I was young enough that I could give it a shot. I’ve now been working on this technique every single day for 15 years (45 minutes a day at first, but now it’s about 15 minutes) and I’m only just getting it. I studied with master magician Ross Bertram, and he told me that the one thing he couldn’t teach me was enthusiasm. That has to be innate.

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