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21 April 2016

IncrediBrent and Super Sarah in the Timmins Press

From the Timmins Press:

TIMMINS - IncrediBrent and Super Sarah took to the stage at Timmins Centennial Public School on Friday to wow the elementary school children with magic, comedy and lessons about bullying.
Known off-stage as Sarah and Brent Nicholls, the married comedic duo tours the country doing anti-bullying magic and comedy show for kids.

They did two presentations at Timmins Centennial on April Fool’s Day and it was obvious from the cheering and enthusiastic crowd that all the kids in attendance had a great day.
Jayden Tessier, a nine-year-old at the school, said he learned a lot about bullying and how to deal with it should it happen to himself or one of his friends at school.

“They taught us find your magic, believe in yourself, you aren’t alone and anything is possible,” the young student recalled of the lessons taught by the magicians.

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