15 June 2012

Welcoming a new patron: Magic Information Canada

Welcome to our newest sponsor, Magic Information Canada!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Magic Information Canada, it is a fabulous repository of links helpful to Canadian magicians.  Established near the end of the 1990s, the site has fabulous lists of Canadian magic:
  • shops (complete with contact information, map location, and identification of whether it's a virtual or bricks and mortar shop)
  • clubs,
  • tutors (lists of those willing to teach individuals and / or groups) and
  • events (location, price and contact information are provided). 
I especially like the events section, which primarily includes lectures and workshops, because the events are listed sorted by date and are also entered into Google Calendar!

The site is maintained by magic enthusiast Doug Cuff from Ottawa, Ontario.  Doug is proud of the fact that he has attended every CAMaraderie since 2001.  (That's eight in total!)  In his own words, he's "downright smug about it."

Thank you Doug, for all of the work you put into the Magic Information Canada website and for your sponsorship!

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