14 October 2015

Darcy Oake on CBC's "Q"

A reminder to enter by October 17th, our contest to win Darcy Oake's book and tickets to his show, "Edge of Reality," in Toronto.  Our readers also have access to a coupon code for Darcy Oake's, "Edge of Reality" in Toronto.

From CBC Radio:
As children, many of us fall in love with magic — but growing up often means giving up on the illusion.

Not so for Darcy Oake, who quietly trained for years before getting his big break on Britain's Got Talent. After wowing the talent show audience, Oake's life changed in a matter of days, and hasn't stopped since.

Today he joins Shad to discuss the dimly-understood craft of magic as well as his new book, Beyond the Illusion. He also opens up about how his brother's death affected him as both an artist and a person.
Read more and listen to the interview.

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