13 January 2016

The 2016 Browser's Magic Bash Food Drive

From the Browser's Den:

Our Annual Browser's Magic Bash Food Drive

Last year, in the spirit of true community, we raised over 150 kilos of non-perishable goods for the needy. For those of us who made the small effort to grab a few cans from the cupboard or made a quick stop at a grocery store, all in the name of charity, we were rewarded with the feeling of happiness knowing a positive difference was made.
"I participated last year by bringing in a couple of bags of non-perishable food. I felt proud to be able to contribute to the Food Drive. We are very lucky to have the life that we do here in Ontario, Canada, and to be able to contribute via magic makes me feel exceptionally thrilled to be a hobbyist magician here. Our magic had gone beyond its already wonderful quality of bringing us together. Through our magic, we had extended ourselves to helping others in need."
- Cam D. (2015 Bash Food Drive Participant)

This is your opportunity to help those not so fortunate, and continue this wonderful tradition. We urge you, our magic family, to help out once again.

Starting from the moment you read this, until the very end of the Bash on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, you're kindly asked to donate canned food goods (non-perishable) to help fight hunger. Either bring it directly to the Browser's Den of Magic shop or carry it with you to the Browser's Magic Bash on the day of our event.

The difference a can or two can make is amazing. And amazement is what us magicians do best!
"It was always fun last year to see the pile of donations grow over time whenever I visited the shop. The real heart warming moment was on the day of the Bash itself, when we saw the generous nature of the magic community manifested in the huge pile of donations for those in need. I am humbled and proud to be part of such a generous effort."
- John H. (2015 Bash Food Drive Participant)
Feel free to come in and drop off donations during normal store hours (see homepage for store hours) Tuesday through Sunday. Once everything is collected after April 2nd, The Browser's Den will proudly donate all the goods on behalf of the entire Ontario magic community in celebration of the 2016 Browser's Magic Bash. Our combined efforts will make a difference ensuring the health & well-being of those who truly need our help.

And maybe... just maybe, we will raise more than 150 kilos this year. Wouldn't that be fantastic? Could you imagine?!? That would truly be magical.

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support.

3 ... 2 ... 1 - Now let the Browser's Magic Bash Food Drive begin!

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