25 February 2016

Toronto: Shane Cobalt Lecture

March 3rd

Have you ever attended a magic convention or general get-together and felt a touch out of place?

In this lecture, Shane Cobalt will be exploring the rarely talked about subject of perspective in magic. Using personal anecdotes, magical demonstrations, and some really crazy stories, you will learn how you can break through the web of secrecy to get closer to your personal magic goals.

You can expect to hear about:
-What YOU Bring to the Table!
-What is Good Enough?
-To Gaff or Not to Gaff... and the miracles that go with it!
-Is It Mine? And other questions on crediting.

The lecture will be interactive in nature. Attendees will have the opportunity to dictate much of the material performed during the lecture. Aside from performing effects from his personal repertoire, Shane will also have a very limited number of handcrafted items for sale.

There will be an open Q and A following the lecture. 
Shane Cobalt started his journey in magic at The Browser's Den of Magic in Toronto, Canada. After years of reading, practicing, and performing, Shane was the 3rd recipient of The Len Cooper Memorial Award. Following this he was one of the first recipients of the Tony Eng Youth Fund. 
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