09 January 2018

2017 Readers' Choice award results

Thank you all for participating in the spirit in which the awards were intended:  a fun way to recognize and celebrate all of the fabulous talent in our country.

One hundred and seven votes were cast in this "bragging rights" only contest.  This year there was an option to add a comment to your vote.  My favourite comment?  "I hope no one can see I voted for myself..."  (Bonus points to you if you can guess who wrote that.)

Here are the results of our second annual  "Readers' Choice Inspirational Canadian Magician of the Year" award!

Beacons of Inspiration (in alphabetical order by surname)

2017 Beacon of Inspiration: Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown
Nominated by dmdlfyer.

It is clear from his multiple nominations that Ryan has worked hard to get this far in his career.  He is an inspiration to the students at his alma mater.   Ryan continues to stretch himself by seeking opportunities to learn with and from world class magicians.

Website: RyanBrownMagic.com

2017 Beacon of Inspiration: Neil Croswell

Neil Croswell
Nominated by Anonymous.

In 2017, Neil appeared on "Masters of Illusion" and performed across Asia which helped raise money for charitable causes in Sri Lanka.

Neil's Asia appearances include the "Knights of Illusion" magic show held in Colombo, Sri Lanka alongside Michael Finney and Xavier Mortimer.  He also performed 32 stage shows in Beijing, China at the annual "Happy Valley International Magic Festival."  This year, Neil performed over 300 shows across five countries.

Website: NeilCroswellMagic.com

Caiden Finch (12 yo)
Nominated by Phil Matlin.

Caiden was the youngest nominee in 2017.  It is clear to me that he is on a similar trajectory as the others nominated this year.  He is a hard worker, who actively seeks out feedback, and implements advice received.  I had the pleasure of meeting Caiden at Sorcerers Safari in 2016.  I have no doubt we'll continue to hear wonderful things about him as the years progress!


2017 Beacon of Inspiration: Murray and Teresa Hatfield

Murray and Teresa Hatfield
Nominated by The Magic Demon.

The Hatfields had another amazing year! Murray and Teresa Hatfield starred in and produced their second ever extraordinary magic and illusions-filled phantasmagoria "Unbelievable" at this summer's PNE in Vancouver. It was again one of the the most inspiring and entertaining stadium-scale magical events Vancouver has ever seen.

Additionally, Murray and Teresa amazed on season 4 of Penn and Teller Fool Us this year where Penn said of their performance "I haven't seen a better version of Metamorphosis ever." Murray is also the President of the Canadian Association of Magicians.

Website: MurrayHatfieldMagic.com

Editor's Choice

2017 Editor's Choice: Julie Eng
Julie Eng
Nominated by James Alan.

Along with running programs such as "Senior Sorcery" and "My Magic Hands," in 2017 Julie was also a major driving force behind the publication of "The Magic of Johnny Thompson," Magic Live (as performer, presenter, and host), Magicana's Magic Collectors Weekend, Magicana's A Rich Cabinet of Magical Curiosities (as publisher, project manager) and the CBC's show Magic and Science.  I'm exhausted just thinking about it all!

Somehow, while doing all of that, Julie still found time to be the Executive Director at Magicana.

Website: magicienne.com

Readers' Choice

2017 Winner: Benzi Train
Benzi Train
Nominated by Ari.

Congratulations to Benzi for winning the 2017 Readers' Choice award!

Keep up your great work with the Sid Lorraine Hat & Rabbit Club, Newest Trick in the Book and Toronto Magic Company!

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