20 August 2021

ICYMI - Julie Eng in CBC Life

From the July 8th article "Cool trick! We asked a magician how a beginner can get into card tricks" by Sebastian Yūe in CBC Life

"Magic has this power, you know. It has a gift of offering the performer the chance to do something that is different — that is against science or logic," said Julie Eng, a Toronto-based magician. "And that causes an attention to be switched on. And I think that's the lure for so many people in magic."

Magicians use card tricks in particular for seamless sleights of hand that wow audiences and entertain children and adults alike. And cards — which have gone hand in hand with magic for centuries and might be the quintessential magic trick — are some of the most accessible for novices.

To find out more about the magic of card tricks, we chatted with Eng, who's also the executive director of Magicana, an organization that promotes the art of magic. Naturally, she safeguards the mystique of her work, so her trick effects are not disclosed here. But she still has lots of tips for those who are coming into magic for the first time.

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From the July 12th Facebook post by Julie Eng:

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