05 August 2022

An excellent synopsis of FISM 2022 by Ryan Joyce

From the August 3rd post "WOW! What a week! FISM Quebec 2022 was AMAZING! See Exclusive CAM photos." by Ryan Joyce at CAM:

Quebec City expanded artistic boundaries by introducing bold ideas and themes. A fresh spark of excitement has rekindled in the minds and hearts of magicians worldwide because of FISM Quebec 2022.

The six-day convention and competition brought together over thousand magicians from fifty countries and featured some of the best magicians worldwide. Simon Coronel and Laurent Piron become FISM Grand Prix Winners in close-up and stage.  Coronel presents an impossible linking card miracle, and Piron makes paper come to life on stage. Applause!

Making new friends, catching up with old friends and seeing extraordinary talented magicians did something wonderful to my soul. I know I’m not alone. Canadians should be proud of the historical mark FISM Quebec 2022 contributes and its influence on a new generation.

Hopefully, many of them will be Canadian.

The Canadian Association of Magicians is proud to acknowledge the efforts of our President, Renée-Claude Auclair, Pierre Hamon, the entire FISM Team and over one hundred and fifty volunteers that made FISM Quebec 2022 possible.  

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