01 August 2022

Billy Hsueh in the Surrey Now-Leader

Congratulations Billy!  Thank you for your hard work!


From the July 27th article "Presto, he’s president: World’s largest magic organization now led by Surrey’s Billy Hsueh" by Tom Zillich in Surrey Now-Leader:

The role of international president of the IBM is rare for a Canadian, as only eight residents of this country have held the office, four of whom are from Vancouver, and Hsueh is first of Asian descent.

“It wasn’t something that I sought out to do, but it just kind of happened, the process of me being on the board and the committees when I was 16, 17 years old,” Hsueh explained. “I kept volunteering my time and worked my way up the board, and eventually they nominated me as vice-president and then president-elect, now I’m president.

He added: “It just feels really good to represent an organization that I’ve been part of since I was, like, 11, and being able to give back, as much as can, for everything this organization has done for me.”

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The article mentions that 8 Canadians have held this title.  They include:

  1. Len Vintus 1922–1926
  2. Bruce Posgate 1980–1981
  3. R.J. Obie O'Brien 1993–1994
  4. Joan Caesar 2008–2009
  5. Shawn Farquhar 2014–2015
  6. Alex Zander 2019–2020   [youngest]
  7. Billy Hsueh 2022-2023    [second youngest]

Who are we missing?




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