27 September 2022

Toronto: James Alan lecture for Ring 17 [Sep 29]

From IBM Ring 17:

When it comes to magic in Toronto, James Alan has had his hand in every cookie jar you can think of.

Performing for the public, he has created long-running shows including Magic Tonight (2013-2016) and Magic & Martini (2016-2020), produced shows for visiting international performers including Eugene Burger, Dani DaOrtiz and Asi Wind. For the community, he has been actively involved with the important community outreach programs My Magic Hands and Senior Sorcery.

During the unpleasantness, has was busy in the virtual space, creating Bring Magic Home, with over three hundred shows with audiences in twenty countries. His tricks have been featured in Genii and MAGIC Magazine (which included the most complained about trick in that magazine's history), and his writing has been featured in Vanish, MUM, The Linking Ring, Elixir and Magicol. We know him as the distinguished Ex-President of our club and the disgraced Ex-President of That Other Club. 

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