02 February 2024

A peek behind the curtain with Murray SawChuck

We first saw Murray SawChuck in 2001 when he performed at the inaugural CAMaraderie convention.  To say he's been busy since then is an understatement.  

You may be aware that Murray:

  • is a headliner at Laugh Factory in Las Vegas
  • has appeared on and is a regular in many television shows (including Blind Date, Pawn Stars, and Masters of Illusion), 
  • has a comedy special, Itz Gone, Live from Las Vegas streaming on Tubi, 
  • has published the children's book At Nighttime, We’re All the Same Size available at Amazon, and
  • is on this week's episode of What's Going On? on The Magicians' Podcast Network talking about his move into exposure videos (this sure to be controversial episode requires a paid subscription and is available through Apple Podcasts or Spotify).

We're delighted to interview Murray ahead of his Brampton show at The Rose Theatre (tickets at Brampton.ca)!

A peek behind the curtain with Murray SawChuck

Who inspires you magically? 

Ironically not any magicians. I look at other entertainer that are MAGIC on stage but no neccasaryly perform magic. I look up to the Justin Timberlakes, Dolly Partons, Bruno Mars on how they walk on stage and how they leave their audiences in awe with selling their personalities. There are many great magicians tecnnically but not when they walk on stage. The magicians I looked up growing up and still do are Cardini, Tommy Cooper, Ballentine and Mr. Electric. Real personalities, brands and images.

Who inspires you that is not a magician? 

Dolly Parton, Bruno Mars, Jim Carrey, Justin Timberlake, William H. Macy, Lucy Ball, Liberace.


Murray SawChuck

Did you ever get discouraged and think about quitting magic?

Yes many times. Show business is not for the weak at heart. You will see mostly NOs but when the YESs come they are wonderful and they keep you going until the next YES between all the NOs! When you have a contract or job you are excited but while you are on that contact or job you have to be looking for the next gig or job or contract. It's like playing pool... when you are aiming to shoot the white ball to knock the other ball in the pocket you are working on where the white ball needs to  land after the shot so you have another good shot. Showbiz is just like that always looking at your next shot if you want to keep working in the business!. 

You studied music and you were a professional dancer.  You also earned a degree in Radio and Television, and Broadcasting with a minor in business.  How did these experiences impact both your magic business and your stage show? 

Well all of the above vocations are in show business, so each one taught me something that helped the other. I played music so I understand how music can change a mood or feeling when being presented on stage which makes a trick much more effective. Dancing I trained ballet for 11 years and that taught me how to walk on stage and present myself. Radio and Television Broadcasting taught me how to write copy for ads and press releases for publication as well as speak with a purpose. Having all these skills makes you a better personality and headliner.  

Do you have any tour or pre-show rituals?

I really don't... I am super relaxed before I go on stage. Once we fly in and upload out equipment and show props and set the stage that is the most nerve racking making sure nothing has broken during travel and setting it up right for the show. Usually I like to have a coffee before I walk on stage, send a few texts to my wife Dani and that's about it.. 

Murray SawChuck



What do you most look forward to, when you come back to Canada?
 I look forward to being back in my home country and  all the greenery and landscapes. In Las Vegas it's the desert... lots of sand and dry hills to look at! I can't wait to bring my show to Brampton!

You're a headliner at the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas, you've appeared on multiple television shows (including Blind Date, Pawn Stars, and Masters of Illusion), you have a  comedy special (Itz Gone, Live from Las Vegas) on TUBI, and you've written a children's book (At Nighttime, We’re All the Same Size).  Is it time to sit back and take it easy, or do you have other big projects in the works? 

I don't sit back very well and I am always five years behind where I'd like to be, so when people see things that I am doing or have done, they usually have been in the making quite a while. I would love my own sitcom or TV show where I could play a regular. I am a regular on Pawn Stars for the last 21 seasons and on CW's Masters Of Illusion for the last 10 years. I have my 2nd comedy special coming out the year we filmed last year and we are getting ready to film more Pawn Stars in February. So, YES I am always working on other projects and ideas. Keeps me young, motivated and focused. I just started this year my keynote talk called 'Find Your Magic' helping people figure out why they should be interested in going to work and staying interested. www.themagicalspeaker.com


Is there anything else you’d like to share with the readers of Canada’s Magic?

For anyone trying to make it in show business or magic, don't stop... you will fail, you will succeed but just remember everything is a new day and another shot at making your dream happen. Listen to yourself, your heart and your passion and stay focused. The more popular you get or famous the more people you find will love you as well as hate you... It's a double edge sword. Don't let people effect you as it's your life and your living it, not them.

Thank you Murray, for making the time to answer our questions!  Hopefully we'll get to see more Canadian dates on your schedule in the near future.

Learn more about Murray at his website MurrayMagic.com and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Catch Murray at The Rose Theatre in Brampton on March 2nd (tickets at Brampton.ca)! 


From the January 10th Facebook post by Brampton On Stage:

Direct from Pawn Stars and CW’s Masters Of Illusion, MURRAY THE MAGICIAN is bringing Vegas to YOU with magic that will blow your mind, performed live and up close at The Rose on March 2!










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