05 December 2023

Alexandra: Inspirational Canadian Magician

Second in this year's Inspirational Canadian Magician Showcase, is Alexandra!

Alexandra: Inspirational Canadian Magician

Alexandra: Inspirational Canadian Magician.

Over the last fifteen years, Alexandra has been Greg Frewin's main assistant, the backbone of his show. But guess what? As of 2023, she's embarked on a fascinating new journey as a magician, and let me tell you, she is fantastic. Just last week, she pulled off an incredible feat
– she fooled none other than Penn & Teller.

This isn't just a career change; it's a captivating
transformation. From assistant extraordinaire to a magician who can leave even the masters of magic in awe. It's not every day you witness
such a remarkable shift, and I can't wait to see where Alex goes.

Submitted by Lee Asher

Watch Alexandra on Penn and Teller's Fool Us at the November 9th upload at the Greg Frewin Theatre YouTube channel:



Congratulations Alexandra!  Keep up the great work!

To learn more about Alexandra, visit the Greg Frewin Theatre and follow her on Instagram and TikTok.  


Thank you Lee, for your excellent submission!

To learn more about Lee Asher, visit LeeAsher.com and follow him on Twitter, and Instagram.

2023 Inspirational Canadian Magician Showcase

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