07 December 2019

ICYMI: Unsolicited Advice for performing on Penn and Teller Fool US

Matt's blog post (below) is also quoted in the Looper article "The untold truth of Penn & Teller: Fool Us" by David Lebovitz.  (The article also has a nice shout out to Michael Close.)

From the November 25th blog post "Unsolicited Advice for performing on Penn and Teller Fool US, a repost" by Matt DiSero:
Regarding the actual shoot. Look, I’ve been a full time act since I was 16. I’ve never had a day job. I’m a lifer and as a result, like many of you, the social aspect of being on a multi person show is huge. It IS the juice. I have better sets when I’m joking around with the other acts before I go on. It helps me get into the zone. This will NOT happen on Fool US. When you shoot you’ll be isolated from the other acts.

You can’t watch them do camera block, tech rehearsal or shoot the live show. You can’t be in the audience. You literally sit in a little room waiting to be called to go out and tape. After make up you’re kind of in a jail cell. If you’re hoping to hang with the acts backstage, forget it. Afterwards in the bar yes, but during the show, no. It’s hard to be alone and not get to chill with the acts especially on such a high pressure shoot. Be aware of that and get ready for it.
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