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29 September 2019

Montreal: Jared Kopf lecture and show

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
Lecture: Wed Oct 23
Show: Sun Oct 27

Jared Kopf is one of magic’s finest artists. As a young man, he built a reputation on his flawless technique and massive repertoire of classics, executed to perfection. It didn’t hurt that he studied under master magicians Bob White and Johnny Thompson. Over the ensuing years, he’s also proven himself to be a master performer, and is considered among the cognoscenti as one of the greatest magicians of his generation.

His lectures always cover a variety of topics:sleight-of-hand card and coin magic, classical magic (Cups & Balls, Linking Rings, etc.), mentalism, and “readings” with various symbols, especially the Tarot de Marseille. The lecture’s thesis argues for a unified theory of Magic as a natural phenomenon.

Jared has done incarnations of this ever-evolving lecture for Conjuring Arts University and across North America, Europe, China, Hong Kong, and Japan, spreading the word that Magic is real—even the fake kind.

So come join us and spend some time with Jared Kopf. We’re happy to have him to lecture, a show, a workshop, as well as one special very limited intimate event that you’ll only hear about if you’re on our mailing list.

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08 April 2019

Montreal: David Stone Lecture

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
Monday April 22nd

[Note that this lecture will be in French, but David will do explanations in English as necessary]

After the amazing success of The Xperience Lecture tour in 2012 with over 183 lectures in 19 countries, the crazy David Stone is back!

This new lecture will provide exclusively strong magic tricks with cards, coins, and varied objects for close-up conditions just as pen, bottles, glasses…

For those who already know David, no need to say the lecture will be a real show with dozens of gags and ideas you will use for your own performances. Among the brand new tricks you will discover :
  •     Mirage : Learn how to Visually and slowly make a deck of cards vanish !
  •     Zenith : The « Card on the ceiling » effect completely revisited, safer and easier than the classic version. Finally you will get David secret version of this classic effect, a version he kept for his own performances for years. A masterpiece of close up magic !
  •     A new gimmick as powerful as «The Tool » that will allow you to perform dozen of tricks completely different. A new weapon for the close up magician who want to refresh his repertoire.

And much more ! Over 14 new effects and routines tested on real audience and ready to amaze your own spectators. David will also talk and explain how he performs in close up situation on stage for audience as large as 2.000 spectators and how to deal with this kind of situations.

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27 November 2018

Montreal: Nathan Kranzo lecture

From Montreal Magic Jam:
Tues Nov 27

Nathan’s original magic creations have been published in national and worldwide publications like Magic Magazine, Genii Magazine, The Penumbra, Antinomy, Channel One and The Linking Ring Magazine. Nathan has performed and lectured all over the US, Europe and Asia.
Nathan was a consultant for Penn and Teller’s NBC special “Off The Deep End”. Nathan was featured on the SyFy show Wizard Wars. He received a standing ovation on NBC’s America’s Got Talent”. And most recently Nathan appeared on #1 Chinese television show “The Amazing Magicians” in China.


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06 April 2018

Montreal: Garrett Thomas lecture

Of course, those of you with tickets to the Browser's Bash will see Garrett lecture on April 21st.

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
Wed April 18

If you care about magic as an art, you MUST see Garrett Thomas. Why do you do what you do? Do you want to take it to the next level? Just spend some time with Garrett, and you will soon learn how to further your magic in simplicity, clarity, and most importantly, how to evoke astonishment.

You will learn some of the effects that have made Garrett a favorite amongst top magicians. Also, learn many touches to be applied to your own magic.

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28 January 2018

Montreal: Caleb Wiles

From Montreal Magic Jam:
Tuesday Feb 6th

The Knockout Magic of Caleb Wiles

Get ready to step into the ring with one of magic’s heavy hitters. Caleb’s new lecture is full of incredible close-up routines designed for the real world. You won’t find any pipe dreams here. Every effect has been highly acclaimed by the most important critics in magic… real live audiences!

Caleb’s original tricks are performed by magicians all over the world, including on international television specials. In fact, he was a featured performer on the popular network show Penn & Teller’s Fool Us.

What you’ll learn…

– A brand-new, never-before-taught staple of Caleb’s close-up show. Jack Carpenter calls this routine “a masterpiece!”

– A self-working miracle that DESTROYS magicians! So powerful, it was used on an international television special!

– A practical, birthday-themed card effect for the working pro.

– Every detail of the blockbuster, self-working trick Caleb performed on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us!

– New plots, new presentations, and new principles.

This lecture is jam-packed with more than a dozen effects. Plus, stick around after the lecture to session into the night. It’s going to be a magic super party!

What others are saying…

“You are so [expletive] good!”
– Penn Jillette

“Caleb Wiles is the real deal. His methods are devious, his presentations are clever and fun, and he’s got loads of natural ability.”
– David Williamson

“I unreservedly urge any group out there to book him. You will be very happy.”
– Steve Bryant

“Caleb Wiles is a clever, logical creator of magic effects. His approach is fresh yet practical. I’m a huge fan!”
– Joshua Jay

“Caleb Wiles is a new star on the magic horizon!”
– Paul Lelekis (Linking Ring Magazine)

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12 September 2017

Montreal: Alfredo Marchese (Magic Alan) lecture

From Montreal Magic Jam:
Wed Sept 27 at 7pm

Argentinian magician Alfredo Marchese (known simply as Magic Alan) has been a professional for over 35 years, working all kinds of environments and traveling all over the world.

A student of the maestro Juan Tamariz, he performs in most of Tamariz’s theatre shows performing a wide variety of material from the spirit cabinet to the Chinese linking rings.

His lecture for us will focus on what he calls “Vertical Card Magic” that can be close-up, in parlour and on the stage, including other visual props and a wide variety of effects (not just your standard pick-a-card tricks).

Of course all this with a combination of clever modern methods. And of course as a student of Tamariz, it wouldn’t be complete with explanations of the psychology behind the tricks and magic performance in general based on his personal experience and of course the work of Tamariz and Ascanio, with am emphasis on these main points

Perhaps a relative unknown in our part of the world, he is well-respected throughout Spain and his native South America . Roberto Giobbi, Dani DaOrtiz and Juan Tamariz all sing his praises, and that’s enough to make any magician sit up and pay attention to what he has to say.

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05 September 2017

Montreal: Jörg Alexander lecture

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
Tuesday Sept 5th

Jörg Alexander is one of Germany’s busiest magicians, and a member of the world famous Flicking Fingers. As a full-time professional since 1994, he has performed and lectured in Germany, England, Spain, Argentina, USA, France, Finland, Austria and Switzerland.

As a FISM competitor he won awards for his performances in the categories of close-up card magic, and mentalism.

He is the creator of Sympathetic Ten and Fantastic Aces, both commercially available, best-selling items from his working repertoire.

His lecture covers both parlor and close-up magic, and also delves into performance theory, discussing the topics of direction of attention, intrinsic actions, and routine construction and development.

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30 November 2016

Montreal: Chad Long lecture

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
Tues December 6

Chad’s fast-paced lecture combines a high-energy performance along with humorous explanations to bring an enjoyable experience to all. It’s filled with both close-up and stand-up effects using everyday objects such as cards, coins, dart guns, pens, rubber bands, keys, spray paint, finger rings, lint brushes, matches, spaghetti and more! This material has been honed by years of performance and there is truly something for everyone!

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04 June 2016

Montreal: Jason England lecture and workshop

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
Workshop: Monday June 20
Lecture: Tuesday June 21

 We are very pleased to announce a lecture and workshop with renowned sleight-of-hand expert Jason England. He is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on sleight-of-hand and advantage play with cards. He has over 25 years of experience both performing magic and consulting on casino game protection.

The three-hour lecture will cover tricks and routines with cards mixing magic and gambling material.
Jason will also offer a four-hour workshop for a limited group for individual attention. Limited to 15 participants, Jason will focus on the mechanics of individual sleights like second deals, bottom deals and false shuffles. If there is a particular technique you are interested in, please let us know.

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28 November 2015

Montreal: Michael Weber lecture and workshop

It looks like Michael Weber will make his way from Toronto to Montreal!

From the Montreal Magic Jam:
When: Tuesday Dec 15

When: Wed Dec 16

Hello everyone,
Our next lecturer is someone we have always wanted to bring to Montreal, so it is our pleasure to announce the Michael Weber will be presenting both a lecture and workshop in Montreal on Dec 15 and 16. Places are limited, so register soon!

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03 July 2015

Montreal Magic Jam's 10th Anniversary Party

We’re having a party and you’re invited. For less than the price of a regular lecture, you’ll get a FULL DAY of magic, including many exclusive lectures and performances, and tons of prizes to win, including a free gift from Murphy’s Magic for every attendee.
  • A Montreal Magic Jam exclusive mini-talk on the history of magic (more details soon)
  • Modern Magic Preview Performance
  • A performance by the Montreal Magic Jam 

Read more and buy tickets.

03 June 2015

Montreal: Ray Kosby

When: Sunday June 14, 1pm Where: The Comedy Nest
While Ray is known mainly for his amazing contributions to the field of card magic (including the legendary “Ray’s Rise”), he is also one of the most creative close-up magicians you will ever see. He comes up with original and often offbeat effects and his methods are just as wild. The strength behind his magic is that his routines will fool you. Audiences gasp at his effects — when they are not speechless all they can say is, WOW! When watching Ray’s magic, he will absolutely fool you — you will have no clue as to how he accomplishes these impossibilities. From cards to coins to fruit and pretzels, and from nearly self-working to incredible technique, Ray’s magic runs the gamut. This is your opportunity to meet and learn from a modern master of close-up in his first ever Montreal lecture.

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02 June 2013

Montreal: Christian Cagigal show and lecture

From Montreal Magic Jam:
We have a rare event planned for June: A show and a lecture rolled into one. On June 10, San Francisco mentalist Christian Cagigal will present his critically acclaimed show “Now and at the Hour” and will then present a lecture covering the details of what went into creating his show. While Christian will discuss his methods, this is not a typical “teach a trick” lecture.

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[via Magic Information Canada]

24 February 2013

Montreal: Magic Jam

From the Canadian Association of Magicians:
Excited to announce the 2013 Montreal Magic Jam will take place May 4! The day will feature lectures from Denis Behr and Eric Roumestan, with more announcements to come.

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19 February 2012

Montréal: Bob Fitch workshop

From Montreal Magic Jam:
Bob Fitch
When: Feb 25, 2012, 1pm – 5pm
MainLine Theatre
3997 Boul St-Laurent
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