04 July 2023

Montreal: Ryan Murray lecture [Jul 10]

From The Montreal Magic Jam:

Monday July 10

Ryan Murray is one of Toronto’s underground magicians specializing in sleight-of-hand with cards. In 2016 he was awarded the Len Cooper Memorial award from the Browser’s Den of Magic for his excellence and dedication towards magic.

He has currently published two books on card magic; Curious Weaving (2018) which expands on the faro shuffle and takes weave shuffles to a whole new level of possibilities, and Natural Card Magic (2021) in which he explores an obscure underground principle that he often uses to fool magicians very very badly. These books have established Ryan as being highly detail oriented when it comes to learning difficult sleight-of-hand.

In this lecture, Ryan will cover some of his own card techniques and routines including some that were previously unpublished. He will also cover his thoughts on his false shuffles and cuts, as well as various faro and weave shuffle techniques. Aside from card magic, he will also finally tip his signature Rubik’s Cube routine that he's been wowing audiences with for many years. 

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