31 March 2021

Top 5 posts in March 2021

There were 28+ posts at Canada's Magic this month.  Here are the 5 most viewed posts in the past 30 days: 

5. Broken wand: Rod Doiron - Our condolences to Rod's family and friends. 
4. Keith Brown in support of Epilepsy Southwestern Ontario's Purple Palooza [Mar 26] - Great cause to support!
3. You're invited to a CAM JAM with Steve Valentine - Soooo good!
2. Broken wand: Paul Royter - Our condolences to Paul's family and friends.

and the most viewed post this month  ...

1. Worldwide search for new magic in collaboration with Murphy's Magic and CAM - Can't wait to see the ideas that come out of this collaboration!


Vitaly Beckman in the Vancouver Sun

From the March 24th post "Vancouver-based magician Vitaly Beckman fools Penn & Teller for second time" by Stuart Derdeyn in the Vancouver Sun:

“It’s ironic that I was performing in (Las) Vegas and went to see the last taping Season 7 of Fool Us as a guest on March 14, and the next day everything closed down,” said Beckman. “Suddenly, I had a lot of time on my hands to work on new illusions for my act, so when I heard Penn & Teller were doing the show virtually, I thought, ‘Why not? Let’s see if I can still impress them after a five-year break.’ ”

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30 March 2021

Chris Ramsay teams up with Immersive Tech

From the March 22nd article "Immersive Tech Teams Up With Celebrity YouTube Creator Chris Ramsay On An Exclusive Immersive Experience That Will Be Featured On His Social Media Channels To His 6.4 Million Fans" at Street Insider:

“Celebrity vlogger, magician and social media influencer Chris Ramsay will be teaming up with Immersive Tech to provide an immersive experience like no other!” said Immersive Tech CEO Tim Bieber. “While the nature of this highly anticipated experience will be kept confidential until the video premieres, I promise all that it will be a truly engaging experience that will invite fans and the public to actively participate in a companion experience. I hope that this announcement will be the start of a long and productive relationship with Mr. Ramsay,” said Bieber.

Chris Ramsay said, “I am stoked to be teaming up with my fellow Canadian experiential experts at Immersive. I am impressed with the Company’s trailblazing attitude and technology as it positions itself to be the global leader in the emerging AR/VR - LBE based products through 'UNCONTAINED',” said Ramsay. This project with Mr. Ramsay will have narrative tie-ins to the upcoming flagship “UNCONTAINED” experience, offering fans an opportunity to be part of the story themselves.

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29 March 2021

Save the date for the 52 Plus Joker annual gala convention

From the February 10th Instagram post by 52 Plus Joker:

Playing Card lovers - UNITE! @52PlusJoker will hold an annual #playingcard convention in Niagara Falls, New York this October 20th through 23rd, 2021.
Make plans to be there. Your #playingcardcollection will thank you!





26 March 2021

FISM / NACM Quebec 2021

From FISM/NACM Quebec 2021:

September 30 to October 3, 2021
2021 North American FISM Magic Championship
and CAMaraderie 2021

The largest magic convention ever held in Canada and three important magic competitions!

  • The 2021 Canadian CAM Magic Championships
  • 2021 North American FISM Magic Championship
  • The "Michel Cailloux" International Magic Contest for those 17 and under.


  • Identify up to 15 magicians who can represent North America at the FISM World Championship of Magic in 2022
  • Crown the next 2021 Canadian Champion of Magic
  • Crown the next champion, aged 17 and under, in the "Michel Cailloux" International Magic Competition.

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