07 March 2021

Broken wand: Rod Doiron

Rod passed on March 3rd.  

Updated March 18th to add the link to an official obituary:

Rod was a wonderful magician. Magic was the joy of his life. His stage show afforded him a chance to demonstrate his wonderful sense of humor and dazzle and confound his audiences with his illusions. His close-up magic was, well, magical. In typical Rod fashion, after mastering many aspects of the craft, he gave back to those aspiring to do likewise. He spent hours teaching effects to young magicians. 


Updated March 8th to include Josh Jay's wonderful tribute to Rod at the bottom of this post.


Our thoughts are with Rod's family and friends at this impossible time.


From the March 5th post by Mike Northorp in the Conjurers' Court, IBM Ring 316 - Halifax, NS Facebook group:

It brings me great sadness to share the news that Rod Doiron passed away this past weekend.
This is a big shock to us all, and a huge loss for the magic community and his friends and family. I've tried to reach out to many of you personally to share the news and I apologize if I missed anyone, but hoping this reaches a wider group of people.  
I currently don't have any details on funeral arrangements etc but will share when I get more information. I'll also work with Bill VanGorder and the club executive about putting together a broken wand ceremony for him.  
Sorry to have to share such sad news with you all.


  1. Oh no. What a loss.

    1. We understand that he was a big influence in the Halifax magic scene.