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14 June 2016

Diary of a Sorcerers Safari newbie - part 8

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A camper's notebook. Photo by Rosemary Reid
A camper's notebook.

Day 4: Monday August 17th*
French toast for breakfast!  I don’t mind wiping down tables and clearing the dirty dishes. The food here is great.
Morning stretches. Photo by James Carey Lauder.
Morning stretches.

Card class was actually coin class today.  Dan Wiebe brought a bunch of metal washers for us to use as coins. Coin tricks are hard!  The time whizzed by and then it was time for “Dealer’s Day!”  The place was crazy busy.  There were tables and tables with of tonnes of stuff for sale.
So much to see at Dealer's Day! Photo by James Carey Lauder.
So much to see at Dealer's Day!

I have never seen so many magic tricks.  Or so many different designs on decks of cards.  Some were really expensive and some I could afford.  I came away with a new deck of plastic cards (they won’t get wrecked if I accidentally “beach” them) and a rope trick with instructions.

Pick a deck, any deck. Photo by James Carey Lauder.
Pick a deck, any deck.

Camp swim was fun.  I almost mustered enough courage to jump from the tower.  Maybe tomorrow.
I could jump from there.  Maybe.  Photo by James Carey Lauder.
I could jump from there.  Maybe.

To be continued ...

The 2016 season of Sorcerers Safari will run from Sunday August 7th through Friday August 12th, 2016. For more information, or to register, please visit SorcerersSafari.ca

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* The “Diary of a Sorcerers Safari Newbie” is primarily based on the 2015 camp season.  It is an aggregate of many perspectives, and at times includes events from previous years.

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